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Create physical or digital products with WooCommerce

You were told to start using WordPress because it was simple. You were recommended WooCommerce as the solution of choice for eCommerce for its price, options, and integration with WordPress. While this is great, there is still a fair bit of setup involved with creating a WordPress eCommerce website. Building the pages is one thing, […]

Create Promotions on WordPress, using WooCommerce

If there is one thing that digital technology and statistics have told us, it is that people love a good sale. 1) There is satisfaction in finding a sale and internal justification that it was right to buy. “I didn’t need a new television, but it was 50% off and better than my previous television” […]

How to set up shipping in WooCommerce

One would assume that if you are reading this resource, you have already accepted WooCommerce as your WordPress eCommerce solution of choice or are strongly considering it. There are a few technical details that can be extremely daunting when using a free plugin like WooCommerce. These include: Accepting Payment Managing Stock Creating variants (small, medium, […]

How to restrict shipping countries list on Woocommerce checkout page?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to restrict customers to place orders from specific countries only. Often store owners ship to only one or some countries and they don’t want customers to place orders from other countries. If you are having the same issue, don’t worry we can help you out there…

How to allow customers to set a future deliver date in Woocommerce?

Allowing customers to set a future delivery date for their products will be a great addition to your store. Users often want to purchase an item in advance in case they won’t forget or the item may not be out of stock by the time they need it for example, birthday presents, edit or Christmas gifts etc.

So, in this tutorial we’ll learn how to allow users to set a future delivery date.

Order Delivery Date for Woocommercec is the plugin that will do this job for us. This plugin will add a delivery date field on the checkout where user can set the date when they want the item to be delivered.

How to add related products suggestions on single product page Woocommerce?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to add related products/product suggestions on the single product page. We can achieve this by one of default woocommerce’s feature i.e. up-sells.

First of all create some products in your woocommerce store. I’ve created some products named product1, product2 and product3. You can name it whatever you want.

How to limit Purchase Quantity of products of a category in Woocommerce?

By default a customer can purchase any quantity from a Woocommerce store. Sometimes store owners need to sell products which can only be sold in specific quantities….

How to change status of Products in Woocommerce?

In this tutorial; We will learn how to mark status of all products to draft or any other status. We will achieve this by using a simple query.

Although We can simple update status using bulk edit but if we have large number of products WordPress may give us a time out error….

Woocommerce: How to replace “Product name” placeholder text?

In this tutorial; We will learn how to change placeholder of title field on add product screen in Woocommerce and other post types of WordPress. Following is the default placeholder being displayed while creating a new product….

Adding New Custom Flat Shipping Rates in WooCommerce 2.4+

Since WooCommerce 2.4, the flat shipping rates interface have been really improved and it’s now so simple that it can even be confusing for some users. A common request is “how can I add new custom flat rates?”. Because, that’s true, in previous versions you could do it via the interface, but now you need custom coding. So, to add new custom flat rates, simply add this snippet to functions.php in the theme folder: