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Create the best checkout page on your WordPress website

People love to window shop. Think about the last time you walked into a technology store or car dealership. You probably picked up the latest iPhone, watched an action movie on a 90″ projection display, or ripped down the highway in a $75,000 coupe. If you have been checking your “Goal Conversion” statistics on Google […]

How to restrict shipping countries list on Woocommerce checkout page?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to restrict customers to place orders from specific countries only. Often store owners ship to only one or some countries and they don’t want customers to place orders from other countries. If you are having the same issue, don’t worry we can help you out there…

How to display quantity select box in Woocomemrce?

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to display quantity select box instead of text box on product and cart pages of woocommerce. By default woocommerce displays a text field for quantity…

How to allow customers to set a future deliver date in Woocommerce?

Allowing customers to set a future delivery date for their products will be a great addition to your store. Users often want to purchase an item in advance in case they won’t forget or the item may not be out of stock by the time they need it for example, birthday presents, edit or Christmas gifts etc.

So, in this tutorial we’ll learn how to allow users to set a future delivery date.

Order Delivery Date for Woocommercec is the plugin that will do this job for us. This plugin will add a delivery date field on the checkout where user can set the date when they want the item to be delivered.

How to remove postcode validation in Woocommerce?

Woocommerce have default validation on postcode fields. Sometimes we may feel the need to remove this validation. Like if we wanted to insert a text info instead woocommerce won’t allow it and will show an error message…

How to remove billing address for logged in users in Woocommerce?

Many Woocommerce shop owners wants to remove Billing details Form from the checkout page, when the user is already Logged-in as this is very annoying for the users.

How to Remove Billing Details from WooCommerce Checkout

When using WooCommerce, it will by default add a form for the client to enter his billing details and Shipping Details to Checkout form.

Now for some cases we might not want that, for example when purchasing a simple virtual or Downloadable product or a product which user would be able to get from downloadable link. We just want them direct redirect to payment getway site like PayPal without any hassle.

There is no option within WooCommerce to disable the billing details, instead you can remove the billing details from a WooCommerce checkout using WooCommerce hooks or Plugin Continue Reading…